Walmart Plus Membership Launch

Role: Senior Designer - website, email & affiliate marketing.

Walmart Plus is a premium paid subscription service, offering subscribers multiple service benefits both in-store and online. The design objective was to showcase these comprehensive set of benefits to gain customer memberships.
Working within a design team, we were able to take Walmart’s iconic sparklet, increase size and build out organic shapes that felt fluid throughout the campaign. These ‘blobby’ blue, yellow and white shapes were featured on packaging, non-lifestyle image email marketing, and also utlized as a border for lifestyle images. 

Animation was incorporated in emails to call to action the amazing savings and wide variety of products consumers can ship together. I worked closely with the copy team to come up clever phrases to quickly get the customers attention. Research found that animated emails created more click-throughs, ultimatly gaining more members.
Since this launch occured during Covid19, the biggest increase stakeholders saw was in grocery delivery. Adding affiliate marketing on on-site banners for grocery-heavy holidays became a priority for each monthly drop. 

Walmart+ initial launch garnered between 7-8 million members in the first 5 months.

It was fun to be a part of the initial design team of one of Walmart’s most successful launches. Today the program is so large, it has it’s own dedicated design team.

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