Role: Illustration & label design for Castle Island Brewery

Vern is a celebration of springtime and regrowth. Drawing inspiration from the funky-floral Mosaic hops, I created a blooming field of wildflowers, balanced aganst lush rolling hills. This label welcomes sunny spring days at the park, daydrinking with friends, as you watch the pillowy clouds move overhead.

Castle Island was looking to upgrade a previous 2019 label for their springtime seasonal Wheat IPA. Originally looking to create a tulip field, with a soft sunset and clouds floating by that spell out VERN. I only had a week to turnaround a final label, so I decided agaisnt fully formed mockups and instead talked through concepts alongside inspiration images. 
Consolidated feedback included keeping the rolling hills and the cloud writing. Once the style was agreed upon, I went forward with one of my favorite activities, which is drawing wildflowers. Flowers were drawn in Procreate with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. 
Since it was such a quick turnaround revision rounds were limited, but I sent a few mockups as vibe checks. Using gradients brought depth to the illustration and I enjoyed utilizing the bold bright colors. 

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